ABC NEWS: Andrew advocates to lift age of youth in detention

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2020

Yesterday [July 28, 2020] in Canberra, attorneys-general met to discuss if we should raise the age for youth in detention from 10 years old to 14.

3WG's Andrew Fa'avale was interviewed by ABC Radio and gives his thoughts.
Check out the interview in the link below to hear why Andrew believes the age should be raised, and what we need to focus on instead - raise the age, raise the love

There’s far more to it than just raising the age; the system and our own communities can do so much more together.

With due respect!

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The Global Pasifika Success Podcast

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

The Stories You Tell Is the Culture You Create.


The Global Pasifika Success Podcast is out now - hosted by Andrew Fa'avale, this podcast seeks to share positive stories from successful, resilient, and thriving Pasifika peoples from around the world.

Tune in on this link:


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MANA @ Marsden Mentoring Program

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2019

3 Wiiise Group  and MANA Pasifika have partnered with Marsden SHS to run an innovative mentoring program that prepares students in the Trades Centre with runways to their careers of choice.

Including industry mentors (across carpentry, bricklaying, cabinet-making, tiling, etc) as well as young role models (from the QUT Pasifika Students Association) to foster identity, character, growth mindset equips and prepares our students with:

- industry links

- apprenticeship opportunities

- post-school career pathways

- values, mindsets and behaviours for success.

The program was birthed when Tom Patterson was studying to become a teacher at QUT where he met Andrew Fa'avale and they discussed how education in trades can be done differently - especially for Pasifika students.

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Queensland Premier visits [email protected] Program

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2019

Yesterday our [email protected] SHS Program had the pleasure of hosting the Premier of Queensland, Anna Palaszczuk, and three MP's Shannon Fentiman (Waterford), Linus Power (Logan) and Grace Grace (McConnel).

As the local member as well as the Minister for Training and Skills Development, Shannon Fentiman chose Marsden SHS and the [email protected] Program more specifically to announce their 'Free Apprenticeships for Young Queenslanders' scheme whereby under 21-year-olds will gain free training, subsidized by the State Government.

Parents, school leaders, students, tradespeople, building companies, community members, political minders and the press all descended to the Trade Centre to hear the Premier make the announcement.

Teachers Tom Patterson and Stephen Shanks had the [email protected] students continue with their normal class routine - laying bricks, tiling, and carpentry. Deputy Principal Colin Troyahn was in his work boots and mucking in as well.

Despite the hive of activity, the students...

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Why we all have a vested interest in supporting Youth Workers?

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2019

Social media platforms are abound with quotes about the importance of staff and workers. One of the most memorable and resonating ones for me is this:

Manager: What if we invest in training our employees and they leave?

Leader: What if we don't and they stay?

Yet despite the popularity of this quote, the 2018 Australian Human Resources Institute Turnover and Retention Report cite that employees leaving their jobs due to a lack of training and development opportunities has more than doubled in just three short years - up from 10.5% to 25.3%.

Further to this, a PwC report on the cost of staff turnover quantifies lost productivity at $3.8 Billion and $385 Million in avoidable recruitment costs.

Youth work staff who work alongside some of our community's most vulnerable members play a critical societal role - often caring for young people who've been left to fend for themselves or in the custody of the State.

How we provide care for these young people can indicate how we are faring as a...

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NEW Pasifika Research - impact & importance of place!

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

New publication

As most already know, Australian-based research is still an emerging field. Therefore, I am excited to send out a new publication that we were privileged to co-author (link below).  

The paper is titled: 'The impact and importance of place on health for young people of Pasifika descent in Queensland: a qualitative study towards developing meaningful health equity indicators'. It was published in the International Journal for Equity in Health.

This paper is part of an ongoing project led by Dr Jo Durham of QUT, who is developing culturally-nuanced health equity indicators. 

In this research, a youth-led participatory action research approach was adopted. Peer Researchers were employed to interview young people. The Peer Researchers were young people themselves from Logan City whose proximity across age, place and experiences could produce richer data collection and analysis. They were also involved in analysing the data, writing it up, and are...

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Why I chose to be "unprofessional"‚Äč and invite kids to my Pasifika workshop?

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2019

Last workshop, 15 community services practitioners and health professionals took part in our 'Working with Pasifika Peoples' workshop - funded by Brisbane South PHN.

We had such rich and insightful talanoa (conversation) with participants from the fields of suicide prevention, domestic violence, youth homelessness, midwifery, youth detention, dementia, addictions, counselling and youth mental health. The participants are doing remarkable work in very tough spaces - kudos!



At every workshop, we ensure that a member of our Indigenous community performs the Welcome to Country, or Acknowledgement of Country. According to our own indigeneity (being indigenous to other lands), this is a critically important and culturally-proper way to start each workshop.

Last Friday, Jermaine Alberts attended to perform this ceremony....

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